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Imagine Harties

Imagine Harties

Imagine a fresh, light breeze whispering happiness onto your face or, the crisp smell of nature… ????

GALAGOS LODGE has proven yet again, that they are the perfect home away from home.

Did I mention we have an in-house restaurant, staffed with culinary geniuses , serving the most delectable eats you’ll find this side of the country?

Freshly prepared meals, made just the way you want them – on order. Have you ever?

Not only are we a cost-effective haven, but we also have plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

We’re conveniently situated next to heavenly views of sunsets and orange-lighting, setting the perfect mood for cocktails and delicious gourmet snacks. Yes, life is but a dream here at GALAGOS LODGE ????

GALAGOS LODGE is also within close proximity to the Peacanwood golf course , so you’re able to enjoy a round of golf to unwind or conduct business over a few rounds with associates.

Our hospitality is unmatched and all our regulars keep coming back for more of this lovin’ ☺

Still not convinced?

Rally up the kids, their friends and your friends too!
Call us and we will surely sweep you off your feet.

Unique & elegant, with just enough spunk to keep the competition at bay ????

We are always open to welcoming new faces and giving you the utmost value for your money.

We’re really just a phone call away.

To get in touch, call our office and our team will set you up with the vacation of your life.

GALAGOS LODGE. A home away from home, but definitely one with nature????

Office & reservations line: 079 351 4879

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